Ronald Cothran

Ronald Cothran

For Caddo Commissioner


Ronald (Ron) retired as the Principal of Mound Street Academies-Dayton, OH in 2017. He led a credit recovery high school that emphasizes Health Care, Military, and Information technology (IT) Careers.

Ron enlisted in the U.S. Army and served on active duty for 23+ years retiring as a Sergeant Major (E-9). His military duty assignments included: Berlin, Germany; Fort Rucker, Alabama; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Drum, New York; Fort Myers, Virginia; Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Jackson, South Carolina and Fort Sam, Houston, Texas.

Ron is the third of four sons that were born to Clarence Sr. and Rosie Cothran.  He attended Grambling State University and acquired his Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Arts Studies (Social Welfare).  He later attended the University of Oklahoma and earned a Master’s Degree in Human Relations and two Master’s Degrees from Wright State University (WSU)-Dayton, OH-Special Education and Educational Leadership (Principalship).

Ron volunteered nine years as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)/Guardian ad Litem (GAL) that support the Montgomery County Juvenile Division-Dayton, OH).

As a GAL, he was charged with interviewing relatives, school personnel, and others possessing information concerning the welfare of children placed under the supervision of the Montgomery County Children Services (MCCS) Department.  In this role, Ron had unsupervised access to the represented children, preparing written report to the court, and required to appears at all hearings or proceedings while filing pleads, motions or petitions deemed appropriate for the children he represents. Ron was a facilitator for the Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations (DDDRR) and President of the Dayton Young Life Committee.
Ron served as Chairman of the Board of Trustee’s for Mercy Manor, a not-for-profit organization that provided transitional housing for homeless women for a period of six years and Superintendent of Sunday School at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio.  He attended Payne Theological Seminary and obtained a Lay Certification in Christian Education.

Ron's career has been eclectic and he has served as the Director of Transportation for the Dayton Public School (OH) system. Additionally, he was selected as an inaugural member of the Wright State University College of Education and Human Services Advancement Council (CEHS).

In this role, he advised the Dean on matters related to the college relationship with the regional education and human services community.  He serves as an ambassador in the community for the advancement of WSU and was honored in November 2011 as the State of Ohio, University Education Department (SUED) Distinguished CEHS Graduate of the Year representing WSU. Additionally, he served as an Advisory Board Member for Wright State University’s Special Education programming.

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Our political platform is anchored on four pillars: representing the voice of the people, articulating a clear vision for our community, advocating for transparency, and emphasizing integrity in all affairs. We believe that these values are central to building a resilient, vibrant, and prosperous society where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

A Voice For The People

Our administration aims to be a true representation of the people we serve. We will ensure that the community’s interests, concerns, and aspirations are incorporated into the decisions that affect them. Through town hall meetings, public consultations, and open forums, we will actively seek the inputs of all citizens and use these insights to inform policymaking. We are committed to amplifying the voice of every individual, regardless of race, religion, economic status, or gender.

A Vision for Our Community

We aspire to shape a future where our community is socially inclusive, economically vibrant, and environmentally sustainable. Our vision encompasses:

  • Economic Prosperity: Foster a dynamic and diverse economy that provides ample job opportunities, supports local businesses, and promotes innovation.
  • Social Inclusivity: Cultivate a society that values diversity, promotes equal opportunities, and ensures no one is left behind.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Ensure thoughtful growth and development that protect our natural resources and environment, ensuring a healthy planet for generations to come.


We firmly believe in the principle of open governance. We will promote transparency in all government processes and decisions. Access to public information will be ensured, enabling citizens to monitor government activities, demand accountability, and contribute to decision-making. We will also establish robust mechanisms for reporting and addressing cases of corruption, ensuring that every dollar of public funds is spent with responsibility and efficiency.


We uphold integrity as a cardinal virtue in our governance model. We expect all government officials and employees to act ethically, honestly, and in the best interest of the public at all times. To foster a culture of integrity, we will establish comprehensive codes of conduct, provide ongoing ethics training, and implement a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption. We will strive to be a government that the people can trust, and one that serves as a model of ethical leadership.

In conclusion, our political platform represents a commitment to build a government by the people, for the people, and with the people. We firmly believe that with your support, we can bring this vision to life and build a community that is not just prosperous and inclusive, but also transparent and high in integrity. Let's work together for the future we want and the future we deserve.


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